Restorative Reading: A Book Club for Joyful, Healing, and Radical Reads  

Join the SVPS Centre’s tri-campus reading community and get a free copy of our chosen book to read together! We’ll be exploring 2 books together a semester:  

1 non-fiction book that digs into issues related to sexual violence prevention, healing, intersectional feminism, decolonization, and anti-racism work.  

1 fiction book that is fun and light – this book might touch on more complex themes, but won’t be directly related to our work at The Centre. We’re open to graphic novels, queer romance, sci-fi, and other books for all-ages that explore joy, healing, and humour. 

We know it can be tough to find time and motivation to read, especially when school and work stressors are at their peak.  Restorative Reading is all about building-up a community of readers who encourage each other to read when they can as a way to decompress and learn together. We also welcome members who are interested in a book, even if they can’t commit to reading it all right now. We will provide a hard-copy, digital, or audio book version to the first 15 people to sign up, depending on your preferred book format. This is a low-barrier discussion – feel free to join if you’re always reading, can’t find the time to read, or have never been much of a reader!  

Here’s how you can join

  • Register to join:
  • Get your hard-copy, e-book, or audio book—and start reading. The first 15 registrants will get a copy of the book from us – but feel free to join with your own copy too! We’ll arrange a pick-up day at our office for hard-copies, and e-versions will be sent via the email you provide. Watch your email for more information about how to get your book. 
  • Join our discussion. We’ll be in-touch via email to let you know when and where our first book-club meeting will be. This will be a virtual session, so you can join from home. 

Meeting Schedule

Voting on our books is now closed! See below for our book-club schedule. Dates are subject to change – sign-up using the registration form to get the Zoom meeting invite and to be sent pick-up details if you’d like a free copy of our current book.

June 15 will be our last Restorative Reading meeting for the summer. Stay tuned to vote on our Fall 2023 – Spring 2024 books!