The Centre serves students, staff, and faculty at the University of Toronto who are affected by sexual violence or harassment. Confidential, non-judgmental consultations are available by phone, e-mail, and video conferencing. Please contact us to request an appointment. We are here for you.

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If you are in crisis or immediate danger, call 911.

Sexual violence can impact you in ways that are hard to anticipate and plan for. If you have experienced sexual violence or harassment, know that:

It is not your fault.

While it is common to blame yourself, sexual violence is not your fault. You deserve care and compassion.

There is no right way to feel.

It is normal for your mood and energy to vary considerably. Try to keep your environment compassionate, supportive and low-pressure.

It is OK to ask for help.

Getting help is not a sign of weakness. Please reach out to us.

It may take time.

Your healing process may take longer than you expect. Everyone’s journey is different. Your story is your own to share, on your own terms. You can choose not to tell anyone, to tell only a few people, or to tell people in stages. It is up to you if, when, and how you want to share.

We are here to help. Contact us now.