Healing Hearts: A Virtual Group for Survivors of All Genders (Jan. 23 to Apr. 3)

Healing Hearts is a support group for people of all genders who have had an experience of sexual violence or harassment. Join us to talk consent and pleasure, healthy boundaries, intimacy after trauma, and more at these free monthly drop-in meetings.

You can register at any time prior to the meeting! It’s free to join, and we’ll be sharing care-packages with registrants later in the term.

Each meeting is held via Zoom from 2 – 3:30 p.m. ET. Attendance at every meeting is welcome but not required! Join us when you’re able for a group discussion, wellness-focused activity, and connections.

Register for one or all of the sessions below to join us in building-up a community of caring, supportive survivors on-campus and making time for rest, joy, reflection.