Sept. 6 – Sept. 21: Intimacy After Trauma with Rae Szereszewski

A woman with dark brown hair that's read at the ends looks at the camera. She's wearing a black mockneck.

Join us for this 4-part workshop series on intimacy, sex positivity, consent, and health decision-making practices. We’ll be talking about pleasure, empowerment, trauma and kink, and alternative relationship models.

Sessions will occur virtually and in-person at UTSC:

  • Wednesday, Sept. 6 (Catalyst Centre UTSC)
    • Pleasure and Empowerment
    • 2:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday, Sept. 12 (Catalyst Centre UTSC)
    • Alternative Relationship Models
    •  2:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday, Sept. 19 (Catalyst Centre UTSC)
    • Trauma and Kink
    • 2:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, Sept. 21 (Virtual)
    •  Trauma and Kink
    • 2:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m.

About Rae

Rae Szereszewski is a certified sex educator and Options for Sexual Health SHEC graduate, and has a Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Apparel Design from Ryerson University. In addition to her experience as a latex designer, she spent 8 years creating sex positive events at Oasis Aqualounge, a lifestyle club, and has worked in a variety of roles in event planning, community building, mentorship, and project coordination.

Rae is currently running Sexual Education workshops, coaching clients, and making art.

Getting to the Catalyst Centre

When you enter the Environmental Science & Chemistry Building through the main entrance, you’ll see the Catalyst Centre on your left. The Catalyst Centre has a glass wall and is directly opposite the EV elevator. This space also has a street entrance, see the exterior door marked with “The Catalyst Centre.” The Environmental Science & Chemistry Building is located at 1065 Military Trail, Scarborough, ON, M1C 1A4.