Sept. 7: The Space Between Us: Consent and Healthy Relationships with Rania El Mugammar

A woman with dark curly hair sits on a bench. She's wearing a greenand gold dress and heels. Behind her are shelves of multi-coloured books.

Join us for this virtual, tri-campus orientation session offered in partnership with the Multi-Faith Centre!

This slow paced and gentle conversation explores elements and practices of consent within a wide range of healthy relationship dynamics. This conversation is geared towards individuals from a wide range of faith backgrounds & welcomes various levels of comforts, experience, and curiosity. Facilitated through storytelling and practical examples, this workshop explores how we build consent into our relationships, how we navigate conflict & set boundaries, and how we communicate our needs and desires. 

Join us on Sept. 7 from 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. You can join via Zoom from a space that feels comfortable and safe for you, or join us in-person at the Multi-Faith Centre’s Main Activity Hall, (Room KP208 on the top floor of 569 Spadina Ave) to watch the virtual session in a group-setting.

About Rania

Rania El Mugammar is a Sudanese artist, abolitionist,  anti-oppression consultant, and liberation educator based in Toronto. Rania’s artistic and community work is deeply rooted in Black Liberation. Rania is a published writer, award winning organizer, reproductive justice advocate, speaker, arts educator, and multidisciplinary performer.