Valuable Community Feedback Incorporated to New Student-Focused Online Module  

The new online training module for students from the Sexual Violence Prevention & Support Centre (SVPS Centre) is now reflective of feedback received from more than 270 University of Toronto (U of T) community members, following extensive consultation and the completion of the module’s pilot phase.  

The module, Building a Culture of Consent at the University of Toronto, launched as a pilot project in August 2023 with the goal of teaching students about consent, building better boundaries, and healthy communication skills. This version of the module was informed by input received at an open student consultation and grounded in evidence-based research on best practices in consent education.  

The vast majority of the feedback received throughout this period was positive, with over 90 per cent of participants indicating that they were overall satisfied or very satisfied with the module.  

The SVPS Centre also received some exceptionally thoughtful written feedback throughout this process. Participants were interested in more examples of consent, particularly everyday examples with relevance to the University context. They also requested more detail within the intersectionality section, and examples of intersecting identities, power, and the connection to sexualized violence and consent. 

The SVPS Centre responded by adding content in a visual and interactive way, which participant feedback indicated was valuable for learning. Among other changes, two core flip card activities were added—one on everyday consent, and one on intersectionality. Additionally, multiple statistics were added to the section on intersectionality in a click-through card format, and significant changes were made to the “Learn More” sections as appropriate.  

You can read more about the development and design of this module, including how feedback was processed and incorporated, by visiting Co-Creating Change: Exploring the Development of Our Online Module for Students.