Instructions on how to access the online sexual violence education and prevention training module

Note: Please use Firefox desktop browser to complete the module.

If you do not have Firefox installed on your computer, you could download the latest Firefox version (Links to an external site.) and install it on your computer.

1. Select the appropriate link below, based on your role at the University of Toronto: 

Note: If the link does not work or the option to “Enroll in Course” is not available, after you log into Quercus, copy the direct website address, listed above, into a different browser and follow steps 2 to 5. 

2. If prompted, log into Quercus with your UTORid and password. 

3. Confirm you are enrolling in the correct course, and select the “Enroll in Course” button. 

4. Select the “Go to the Course” button to access the SVEP training course. 

5. Begin the training by clicking on the “Start the Module” link. 

Note: If you wish to return to the training later, you can always access the training course by logging into Quercus and selecting the Sexual Violence Prevention and Education course card on your Dashboard. 

If the module displays the ‘loading’ icon for several minutes and the screen does not change, please try the following:
1. Clear the browser cache or use an incognito browser
2. Click the spinning icon. This sometimes starts the module.