Selena Zhang

A woman stands smiling in front of a lake

Selena Zhang

Undergraduate Student Leader, UTSC

Selena is a fourth-year undergraduate student from UTSC. During her second year, she was a work-study student in the Sexual Violence Prevention and Support Centre, and contributed to the Centre’s events programming, helped organize various events including the Vigil event for National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women in 2019.

She is actively involved in student-facing work around consent and sexual violence: In 2019, she participated in a campaign called ‘CheckInForConsent’ during which she had a conversation around culture and consent with another student. The conversation was captured in a video clip and later uploaded to online media platforms. Recently, she participated in a panel discussion held by the International Student Centre as one of the panelists to talk about her understanding of consent as an international student.

Coming from an East Asian background, she has her own understanding of how sexual violence might influence people from different cultural backgrounds differently, and hope we can address the issue of gender-based violence inclusively to make everyone in the community feel respected and safe.