NEW Building a Culture of Consent Module for Students

The Sexual Violence Prevention & Support Centre is thrilled to share the launch of our NEW asynchronous online module for students, Building a Culture of Consent at the University of Toronto.

This module focuses on consent, building healthy boundaries, and communication within relationships. It’s also intended to teach students about sexual violence, the landscape in which sexual violence occurs, and available on- and off-campus support services for survivors of sexual violence.  

We invite you to share the training with any and all students within your network! The module can be directly assigned to students, shared as a supplemental learning resource, or used as a pre-requisite for additional synchronous training with the SVPS Centre.  

Learning Objectives for Building a Culture of Consent at the University of Toronto  

  • Students will examine the landscape of gender-based violence and sexual violence using an intersectional framework and the role of power, privilege, and oppression. 
  • Students will explore what setting boundaries and practicing consent and effective communication to form healthy relationships can look, sound, and feel like in practice.  
  • Students will engage with practical, applied examples of consent to build their Culture of Consent skillset.  
  • Students will learn about the University of Toronto’s Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment and its relevance to their daily lives at the University. 
  • Students will learn about the support services offered at the tri-campus Sexual Violence Prevention and Support Centre.