Training & Workshops

The Sexual Violence Prevention & Support Centre offers a variety of workshops to all UofT students, staff, faculty, and librarians across the tri-campuses. In light of COVID-19, all workshops will be offered virtually until otherwise stated.

Online Sexual Violence Prevention Education Module 

The University of Toronto has made available online Sexual Violence Education and Prevention (SVEP) training to all students, staff, and faculty members. Completion is strongly encouraged and constitutes an important step toward creating a campus environment in which all members of the University community can study, work, and live free from sexual violence. 

Read our instructions on how to access the online sexual violence education and prevention training module.

Skills for Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence: Using a Trauma-Informed Approach 

Audience: Staff, Faculty & Administrators 

Length of Workshop: 90-120 minutes recommended 

Workshop Description: This virtual workshop is a unique, interactive and comprehensive training which teaches participants to support a disclosure of sexual violence. This workshop empowers participants to manage a disclosure effectively using an empathetic and trauma-informed approach. Through role-play, discussions and story-telling, participants will come to learn the supportive steps in taking a disclosure. Participants will gain key concepts of the university’s Sexual Violence and Harassment Policy.

Learning Outcomes:  

  • Explain two reasons why you would reach out to the Sexual Violence Prevention and Support Centre at U of T  
  • Identify the key differences between a disclosure and a university report 
  • Discuss how colonization and interlocking systems of oppression relate to our understanding of sexual violence  
  • Understand responder and survivor intersectionality 
  • Identify steps in providing a supportive, trauma-informed response to a disclosure of sexual violence
  • Describe two impacts that sexual trauma may have on someone’s academic and/or workplace success  

What is Harassment? Tools for Identifying and Addressing Racial and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (Delivered in partnership with the Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office)

Audience: Staff, Faculty & Administrators

Length of Workshop: 120 minutes  

Workshop Description: In this virtual workshop, participants will learn and apply the important skills by thoroughly addressing the elements of how to prevent unacceptable behavior. The workshop includes a detailed overview of sexual and racial harassment, explain key definitions. Participants will discusses sexual harassment prevention.  
Learning Outcomes:  

  • Provide an overview of key race-related and sexual harassment terms and definitions outlined within the Ontario Human Rights Code.
  • Identify manifestations of racial and sexual harassment and their impact on the individual and work environment.
  • Explain institutional processes and the role of the Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office and the Sexual Violence Prevention & Support Centre in responding to instances of racial and sexual harassment.

Sexual Violence Disclosure Skills

Audience: Student Leaders & Residence Dons

Length of Workshop: 90-120 minutes recommended

Workshop Description: This virtual workshop provides participants with an interactive and practice-based virtual training for U of T student leaders on how to supportively respond to a disclosure of sexual violence. This workshop touches on the link between systemic oppression and sexual violence that can impact and create barriers for those impacted by sexual violence. Participants will gain supportive language, resources, and interventions techniques when receiving or witnessing sexual violence. By the end, participants are equipped with the knowledge, resources, and skills to support survivors when receiving a disclosure of sexual violence.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain 2 reasons why someone would reach out to the Sexual Violence Prevention and Support Centre
  • Identify the difference between a disclosure versus a report 
  • Discuss how systemic oppression relates to our understanding of sexual violence 
  • Understand power dynamics in context of a student leader’s role when receiving a disclosure 
  • Identify what a supportive response looks and feels like through the use of case a scenario  
  • Identify what an unsupportive response looks and feels like through the use of a case scenario 

Building Consent Culture During Orientation & Beyond  

Audience: Student Leaders & Undergraduate Students

Length of Workshop: 60-90 minutes recommended

Workshop Description: This virtual workshop provides an overview of key concepts of consent and promotes learning and guidelines towards building a consent culture on campus not limiting to only sexual context. Using role-play, discussions, and polls, the facilitators share tangible tools student leaders can use to recognize the role of consent as it relates to their social identity, talk about consent with peers, as well as intervene in situations where consent is not being upheld. The training also equips attendees with relevant resource information including the Centre’s role. 

Learning Outcomes  

  • Describe 2 of the services offered by the SVPS Centre 
  • Discuss the principles of consent through role-play practice 
  • Identify 3 ways one can contribute a culture of consent on campus 
  • List 3 ways one can teach orientation leaders about consent 
  • Describe one way of talking to a peer about consent 
  • Recognize the role of consent in one’s everyday life and relationships